List of applicants and examination venues for the computer literacy examination for the academic year 2016/4

The computer literacy examination for the academic year 2016/4


The Information Technology Center (ITC) will be conducting the computer literacy examination on June 22, 2017 from 02.00 – 04.00 P.M. at the Computer Laboratory 4, 10th floor, Sayamboromrajakumari Building. The name list of eligible students, in alphabetical order based on first-name, is shown below.

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Number Student ID Name - Surname
1 6001350001 Mr.Kencho
2 6001350002 Mrs.Kuenga  Choden
3 6001350003 Mr.Mu  Lei
4 6001350004 Mr.Muhammad Azhar  Khalil
5 6001350005 Miss Sonam  Wangmo
6 6001350006 Miss Tadam  Somsamouth

Please note that students will be admitted to the examination room 10 minutes before the start of the examination. Cell phones must be turned off and all electronic devices may not be accessed during examination periods. All students are required to have their Photo ID (e.g., student ID card, passport, or governance-issued ID cards) present for the duration of the examination. For further information and support, please contact our staff for advice at the 11th floor, Sayamboromrajakumari Building.

The examination results will be announced on July 21, 2017 on ITC’s official website